An online event in partnership with La cité Fertile (Paris).

Speakers: Maya Ines Touam, Esmeralda Da Costa, Eman Gbewonyo, Clémence Vazard, Yolande Harris, Tania Mouraud...

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Saturday, July 4th

Central European Time / Live on Instagram + Facebook La cité Fertile

11:00 am: Interview with the artist Maya-Ines Touam. Instagram Live
11:30 am: Screening of “Reveal the Alger fabric” video by Maya-Ines Touam. Instagram Live
2:30 pm: Interactive game JeuZéro Carbone by Isabelle Daëron and Artistik Bazaar. Zoom + Facebook Live
4:00 pm: Interview with the afrofeminist poet Kiyemis. Instagram Live
4:30 pm: Kiyemis poetry workshop on eco-feminism. Instagram Live
6 pm: Panel by Elodie Vidal, art historian, with Alice Rouan, researcher, and Charlotte Gautier Van Tour, visual artist.
“Human rights/rights of nature, how can the collaborative artistic gesture be positioned as the interface towards a more respectful cohabitation?”.
Facebook Live
7 pm: Screnning of “Born to Be Killed” by Tania Mouraud followed by a Sound Performance. Instagram Live

Sunday, July 5th

Central European Time / Live on Instagram + Facebook La cité Fertile

4:15 pm: Interview with the artist Esméralda Da Costa.
Video broadcast « En attendant que le vent tourne » of Esmeralda Da Costa. Instagram Live
4:45 pm: Interview of the artist Yolande Harris followed by a screening of her film “from a whale’s back”. Instagram Live
4:50 pm: Interview with the artist Tiare Ribeaux. Instagram Live
5:00 pm: Interview with the artist Julia Gault followed by a video presenting her work « Où le désert rencontrera la pluie ». Instagram Live
5.30 pm: Interview with the artist Enam Gbewonyo (in English). Instagram Live
5:55 pm: performance “Nude Me / Under the Skin:
the Awakening of Black Women’s Visibility one Pantyhose at a time, Part II” by Enam Gbeyonyo followed by the screnning of “Love Canal” video by Clémence Vazard. Instagram Live
6:00 pm: Closing sound ritual “Soundscape“ by Jorge Bachmann. Facebook Live

Specifics of the event_



POLARIZED explores the tension between the rights and non-rights of all living things. In 2017, the New Zealand Parliament granted living entity status to the Whanganui River. From then on the river is to be treated as a human being when it comes to individual rights. The approach of granting legal personality to a river was unique at that time. Since then the Ganges river has been endowed with the same rights. Couldn’t we then expect to get those rights extended to all living things?



...ending with a sound experience, Soundscape, led by Jorge Bachmann. The audience is invited to a sensorial soundscape while resting blindfolded. Sound samples of field recordings in nature and urban settings come together to elicit senses and emotions triggered by selected sound waves and rhythm.



Polarized wants to question the paradigm defining an entity as ``person`` and the juridical protection inherent to it. While exploring this question, LOUD SPRING proposes to shift the existing perspective by asking how living rights can be claimed for those which are not or cannot be heard? Giving voice to artists and thinkers POLARIZED intends to promote environmental justice for all living things.